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Wanner label is a Swedish brand founded in 2019 by fashion designer Josefin Wanner. After having studied fashion design for 3 years, thus loving designing and creating, she realized that the fashion industry is a big villain when it comes to taking care of the planet. She decided that instead of going into this industry working for a big company, with no impact or say in how things were run in regard to ethics and sustainability she would start her own company with a clear vision and focus on sustainability. With the increasing environmental impact we all make on the planet we need to change our ways. There are so many used garments out there just waiting to be re-used, so we find these garments and give them a new purpose. Wanner Label sources all materials second-hand then takes them apart, cuts them open and sews them together to create new garments.

Unique garments.


A Sustainable Future


It is very important to us that the customer feels confident in our brand and it being sustainable. We have nothing to hide and we want everyone to know how our company works. Being a small brand with an in-house designer can at times be challenging but it also means that we have full control of the production chain, cause it is all happening right here. Everything we sell is being made by our designer and founder Josefin Wanner. Wanner Labels' design studio is based in Leeds, UK and that is where all our products are made. We try to use only second-hand materials, not only when it comes to fabric. All our buttons come from Josefin's grandpa's old button collection (why he was collecting buttons no one knows, but we are very grateful). All sewing threads have been purchased second-hand on www.tradera.se as well as zippers. The only thing we did buy new were the two sewing machines we use to make the clothes. When it comes to shipping, we are looking into good possibilities for eco-friendly transportation but at the moment, because we are still so small, we ship through the normal post office. Oh and all our packaging is sustainable too. If there is anything else you would like to know we will gladly answer your questions either in our chat or email info@wannerlabel.com


We take climate change very seriously and think it is one of the most important topics in today's society. As the fashion industry is the second biggest polluter in the world it is even more important that we try and change and improve the way the industry works. That being said, we all equally want to dress nicely and be able to express ourselves through clothing. So our philosophy is not "stop buying clothes" but "buy them the right way".


Although recycling can be a great way to reuse it also takes a lot of resources. recycling a product, say a plastic bottle to make it into polyester fabric is a long process that can be equally harmful to the environment as manufacturing from new material. For this reason (among others) we believe that up-cycling is a more gentle way to treat our planet. Many garments, fabrics, and products that are being sold second-hand are in very good condition but may look dated in color, pattern, or style leading to them not being sold. But if we can take these products and make them into something new and a style we give these old products a new purpose. Not to mention that many of the places where we choose to source our materials are charity stores which means that when you buy from us you are also indirectly supporting several different charity shops.


We are constantly in search of new materials for future collections and we think, that just like us, many of you have plenty of garments, blankets, curtains, or other materials just laying around that you no longer find any use for. If you feel like giving them a purpose we will be very grateful to put them to use. By helping us out we will return the favor by giving you a 20% discount on your next purchase with us.

 Email us at info@wannerlabel.com for further information.



  1. The first step in our chain of production is to source the materials. This we do in normal second-hand shops and charity shops. We source everything from old clothes to curtains to actual fabrics. It's amazing how many good quality things you can find in second-hand shops.

  2. After having found our materials we start thinking about what we want to make with them. This is the tricky part as our supply of fabrics will be limited but also what makes it so exciting and challenging to create our collections.

  3. We then start to draw up the designs and make the patterns for the actual garments. During this period the designs usually change and get altered quite a bit. This is what we like to call the experiment phase.

  4. When all the experimentations are done the last step is to sew the garment finished. all hems and edges are sewn with an overlock to prevent the fabric from fringing and necessary buttons or zippers are attached.

  5. Item is ready.

All of these steps are made in our studio by our designer and founder Josefin Wanner.