• Cinnamon Luu


Updated: May 25, 2020

We are all here together. I know how it feels.

Life at home 24/7 is different. We cook, eat, work and rest all over again in the same area.

While many are privileged with a wide spacious home, this can be unexciting for those living in smaller households.

Whatever it is, staying at home all day does not mean we cannot make it fun.

WL Journal has compiled this hands-on checklist to help you design a home space you truly enjoy: cozy, comfy and sustainable.

Let’s dive in!

1. Replace unwanted items with eco-friendly alternatives

WHY: Being in quarantine means you can finally make time for anything you could not do before. Take advantage of this period to clean out your spaces, design the corners you love and spice them up with the interior you want.

HOW: Firstly, start off with a clear picture of what you want to do with the space. For places you spend the most time in (the living room and office desk,...) try adding an element of eco-friendly item: a plant-based candle, some natural scent sticks, a handmade ceramic vase... Surrounding yourself with healthy objects can help improve attention capabilities and release stress, feeling more like home when you have to stay where it is 24/7.

Tip: It doesn’t have to be a complete change so you don’t need to aim for perfection in the beginning. Listen and feel what you want, really truly want, and make a conscious decision without overspending due to the impulsive thinking.

2. Bring in the green healthy plants

Speaking of improved health while saving the planet, who doesn’t mention in-door plants?

WHY: From modern monochrome to boho style house decor, plants add-in a unique touch to every corner of your house without disrupting its theme, keeping you feeling alive while still being able to focus on the task.

Cactuses, succulents and palm plants are a great start for beginners. If you are nervous about not having a green thumb, cactus requires little to no water every 3-4 weeks (depending on their type), succulents prefer shades over sunlight, and in-door palm trees are not too skeptical about when and where you water or place them. Being at home 24/7 gives you an opportunity to observe their growth and care for them. Ultimate happiness and sustainability guaranteed!

Tip: Take advantage of Facebook's online community and find a plant swapping community in your area. For starters, the in-door garden, this is an extremely powerful way to connect and save money. You only need a small baby plant and when time passes, you will have a fully grown one with capabilities to reproduce. Hashtag Plant Power!

3. Develop new positive habits, and maintain them

WHY: This time may bring you ups and downs, uncertainty and worries. Upgrading your house is an important, rewarding step to treat yourself during this time period.

Do keep in mind, no physical objects can fulfill your inner happiness and mindfulness as much as maintaining positive habits and developing them.

WHAT: For even more consistent positive habits, take out a calendar, a notebook, track down your newly achieved accomplishment ( for example: last week I brought home a plant, today I purchased from a sustainable source,... ) as a reminder you have made it, and you can do it again.

Tip: If this has been your goal for years, once you achieve it, give yourself a reward! Tell a friend or snap a picture and share with us, we would love to see what you come up with!

The Takeaway

A philosophy I live by is ‘’The most sustainable products are the ones you already own.’’ It does not only encourage you to slow down impulsive purchases but also inspires you to be creative and seek for ways to buy less, share more.

The lifestyle that truly fits everything, and helps you build healthy, positive habits for sustainability.

Your home is your cozy heaven, make it yours.

Happy decorating!

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