• Josefin Wanner

5 Eco-conscious activewear brands we love

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

So we've gone through a bit about what materials are good and sustainable. Again, we believe that up-cycling is always the most sustainable option but in some cases that can be very hard. For instance when buying sportswear. It needs to be made from breathable stretchy materials that are comfortable to work out in. In times of quarantine and isolation, I know at least I have started to work out more than usual simply not to go crazy and to stay healthy. For this reason, as well as for the fact that I love pretty looking sportswear, I have put together a list of sustainable brands.

Now, what makes a good brand is a combination of things really. For us, the most important thing is that it is good for the environment. But a brand should also be fair to its workers and everyone in their supply chain. Lastly, they also have to sell nice looking clothes, because if the garments they sell don't appeal to the customer, then really, what's the point. So the brands we have put together here today have a combination of these things. Sustainable, ethical and trendy.


Wolven is an LA-based activewear brand making only sustainable garments. Many of their clothes are inspired by yoga which clearly shows in some of their patterns and styles. But they are also very versatile and have styles filling all needs. From big patterns to neutral colors.

All Wolven's recycled PET fabrics (made from plastic bottles) are ethically made in China. They are part of the "who made my clothes" initiative and their manufacturing partner is certified by WCA for labor, wages, work hours, health, safety, and environmental practice.

The rest of their fabrics are made from modal, in LA by a small team of 5 people.

A great thing about this brand is that they are very transparent in their production and you can read more or less everything about their brand on their webpage.

Another thing which we love about Wolven is that they have plenty of different styles of both tops and bottoms so you'd be sure to find one that you really like.

Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective is a Seattle based brand making sportswear from materials such as recycled water bottles certified by Oeko-tex and ECONYL made from old fishnets. They work hard on specifying exactly what materials have been used and where they have been made for each product. They try to be completely eco-friendly and even their packaging is 100% recycled and recyclable.

The brand's garments are similar in style to Wolven, with minimal shapes and neutral colors. Another aspect of the brand that is great is the fact that it is extremely versatile in its choice of models. Embracing the "collective" by showing that the brand is for every woman. Of any, size, shape or color.


Boody is an Australian brand making activewear and underwear for men, women, and babies. They focus on making basic essentials to offer what people actually need. Their main use of the material is rayon made from bamboo which they argue is a very sustainable material for its quick growth and production process. They've got a bunch of certifications such as Oeko-tex and FSC proving their work with sustainability. Although their garments are slightly more basic than previously mentioned they are the kinda things you look for when in need of necessary clothes with a focus on comfort.


Inaska is technically a swimwear brand but they also make great looking leggings and tops which could be used for both swimming and working out. Their focus lays in making garments from recycled nylon. More specifically nylon coming from fishing nets and ocean waste (ECONYL). Another great thing about this brand is that they are trying to have their entire production chain in Europe. All garments are designed in Germany and produced in Portugal.

Their sportswear has a big focus on yoga, which even if you're not very into yoga is great. Because that means that the garments are made to be comfortable when doing a lot of movement and be able to stay on your body. This making Inikas sportswear ideal for all sorts of exercise. Their garments are made in neutral tones (such as sustainable garments often are) and the best thing, like we already mentioned is that your activewear can be matching your swimwear. Or even used for both purposes.

Organic Basics

Organic Basics is a Danish brand making basic garments such as underwear but also activewear. They have an approach that sustainability is making clothes that last for a long time, not only in terms of quality but also in terms of style. Basic garments and colors are more sustainable because it takes longer for the consumer to get tired of them.

As you can see in the pictures their style is very clean and minimalistic, which to be honest is exactly what I want in activewear. They only work within Europe with factories in Portugal, Turkey, Italy and Scotland. Their webpage is very transparent and informative on all of these things which makes us trust them as a sustainable brand. Just like the brands we've mentioned previously they use sustainable and recycled materials such as recycled nylon and tech fabrics like SilverTech.

We hope you have enjoyed learning about these brands as much as we did and we are working on making a more elaborate list on sustainable activewear brands (and possibly other categories as well).

All the pictures used have been found on the brand's webpages.

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