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Updated: May 13, 2020

Cinnamon Luu and the New Perspective on Sustainable Fashion. 

‘ Hey look, it’s that no-plastic girl again!’’ A few sellers giggled when they saw me enter their shops, carrying my own container as usual. 

That’s one of many reactions I received when I started living minimal waste. 

Unlike social media influence which tends to imprint you with the pink and idealized aspect of the sustainability movement, I will bring you an authentic and new perspective in conscious living based on my real, self-learned experiences.  

I am Cinnamon, Co-Writer at WL Journal. 

In this journey, I will break down the stigmas of the sustainable fashion industry, explore the common mistakes when adopting new habits and ultimately, provide tips and information to guide you to a lifestyle you truly enjoy. 

Besides writing for WL Journal, I help sustainable brands scale up their projects through creative branding and storytelling. If you are looking for a creative in copywriting, SEO, branding or fashion concept photo shooting, reach out to me and we can collaborate from there. 

I look forward to hearing from you, and I will see you here in WL Journal's post series :)




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We are proud to call Wanner Label a truly sustainable brand. Offering garments that have only been made from upcycled, second hand sourced materials. Creating garments this way means that we remove the materials production process completely from our way of making and selling clothes, hence providing a more sustainable outcome.

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