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Hello my fellow readers, my name is Emma Wanner and I am from Sweden, currently living in Milan, Italy.

The last name might give away the relationship I have to Josefin and as one might guess we are indeed sisters. I am in this case the little sister, and happen to have the privilege to be an older sister as well. So, in easy translation, I am the middle child of the family.

I have walked this earth for 22 summers, soon 23 and don't regret anything quite yet, small things of course but let's not get into that.

It is always hard to get the "tell me about yourself" because it is almost as after name and age you do not really know what to add, what's identifying you as an individual. An easy step after that I would say is education and/or occupation. I have previously studied social science for my high school diploma and right now I am in the middle of a bachelor of arts - interior design, which I love. I am a very lucky person who has found what I am actually interested in and sadly sometimes takes that for granted. Anyhow, on top of my education, I have been living in London for 5 months in high school to study, one year in the States as an au pair and now about 1.5 years in Milan doing my BA. I guess that is an easy description of me. Name, age, education and a little about my travels/living situations. Please if you have any questions about anything, let us know. Ciao!


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