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Hello, beautiful and wonderful people!

I'm new here! My name is Wilma Wanner, I'm 19 years old - to be 20, but I'm not really psyched about it so I say that I'm 19 as long as I can... Never the less, I'm happy about life now, even though it's happening dreadful things around the world! 

I am a vegan who care for the planet and all living things! I am an animal lover and nature fascinates me incredibly much!

I've had pretty much all haircuts there is. I love to play with kids, dance goofy to music, be around ANIMALS, be in nature, read books, learning new things about the planet, animals, plants, fungi. I love to travel (by train of course, or sailing boat), go on picnics, cook and bake, move my body, get strong and so on for all eternity. I LOVE so much! I love working out, no matter what it is, I just love it! Yoga, weight lifting, running, etc. This takes up some time of my life, and when I'm not doing it, I long for doing it! Healthy food is also a big part of my life and I'm trying to get a better mindset regarding food, and our bodies!

I'm trying to live a low waste life, and when I'll move to my apartment in May, in Malmö - the third biggest city in Sweden, it will probably be esier! I love making my own products, such as dry shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, lip balm and creams! I rarely buy new clothes, and barely any thrifted, trying to have a minimalistic lifestyle. 

In my early teens (14 years) I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's - a condition in which your immune system attacks your thyroid. And when I was 17 I was diagnosed with a type of rheumatism - joint pain. These are also reasons why I want to stay healthy! But today I'm thriving, not having the pain I've had before, and I'm so grateful!

I talk to my self a lot, I get all the right answers. I write down all my thoughts. I have many notebooks, some may say too many, but I don't think there is such a thing... I love all kinds of books. If I'll go into a book store, I can stay there for hours, and that's a small one. Don't let me into a big one... It will take too long.

I'm a rather strange girl, I'm aware of that, probably more aware than anyone else... but it doesn't bother me - quite the opposite, it fills me with joy!

Take care loves!


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