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Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Written by Safa of SafaniaWrites.com

I stand by my belief that there is no product that will heal you more than nature’s products will: you need a face wash and toner? There is rose water. How about a face mask? Honey, coconut oil and avocado (thank me later). You need longer, thicker and softer hair to impress bae with? Use argan oil – Morocco’s cure to hair growth at the speed of light. These are just a few of the products I use and swear by and I’m not the only one who thinks so – Shailene Woodley and Rosario Dawson agree too! Luckily there have been a few brands in the last decade that have picked up on these tips!

So how exactly do we know which brands to entrust our delicate skin too? In the last decade there has been an increase of organic brands popping into the beauty scene (think of True Botanicals, KORA, Alaffia, Tata Harper e.t.c.) but sadly plenty of these products have just enough artificials to cause allergic reactions to our skin *coughs in relatable* and we must be careful when curating products for our daily routine. Want hydrated skin without feeling oily and look after your purse? Check out this list!

Superdrug tea tree oil Moisturizer, £3.49

A product made out of a combination of tea tree, peppermint oils and Vitamin B5 – this oil is the definition of a lightweight and natural moisturizer. Within the first use, your skin feels smoother and less tightened as the tea tree moisturizers unclog your pores instantly. Perfect for if you want a light layer of moisturizer before your makeup.

Erbology Rose Water shots, £2.49

A product originated in Iran, rose water has now become the answer to our gentle cleansing prayers. In recent years, brands such as Mario Badescu, and Glossier have been boarding this trend and have delivered very well - however, Erbology is a product that delivers what it promises: 100% organic rose water. No additives – nothing. The best part? You can get regular orders of rose water at the price of £1.87 a month!

Desert Essence Natural Tea Tree Oil Cleansing Pads £7.50

Powerful organic cleansing, also completely travel-friendly! These tea tree pads also have essences of chamomile tea which is an anti-inflammatory product used to heal acne scars and lavender oil – an essential oil used to fight acne and reduce wrinkles. This is a much-loved product among the beauty community and can be used as both a makeup remover and toner (tea tree is also known for its toning properties).

Moroccan Oil Treatment – LookFantastic £13.45

An argan oil treatment used for repairing and protecting hair, skin and nails (also helps with faster hair growth), the Moroccan Oil treatment is one of the most popular products on the beauty market right now and is commonly known for as a hair oil treatment, but did you know this can work as a face mask for those with dry skin AND protect cuticles? Definitely worth the purchase!

How do these brands sound to you? Go ahead and enjoy a hot girl summer while we’re in quarantine!