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How to be More Sustainable in Your Home & Garden

An easy-to-follow guideline on how to start being more sustainable in the way you live.

Written by our guest blogger Billie Mcinerney (find her here).

Do Meal Prep

Making food in a bulk is a great way to reduce purchasing meals in single-use plastics. If you are prepared, you’ll have enough meals to last which means buying less takeaway. Use good quality glass, silicone or metal containers that will last a long time.

When you do your food shopping try to remember to take reusable veggie bags and your glass jars. Try to go to bulk food stores where you can to reduce your consumption of plastic-packaged food products.

Re-use Your Old Stuff

When it comes to re-using old products, the possibilities are endless. It's fun to experiment and get creative!

Glass jars are great for reuse, you can make your own sauces from scratch, pickled onions in vinegar, and even propagate plants. Almost all plants will grow roots when put in water. So, while you expand your plant collection for free, you are also giving a jar a new lease in life!

Even old hiking boots make great planters and they will naturally break down.

Use Natural Cleaning Products

When it comes to cleaning, not only do most products come in plastic, they are also full of chemicals. These products carry messages of effective cleaning due to all these added chemicals. However, cleaning your house can be done with a few simple ingredients.

All-Purpose Cleaner:

  • 1/2 cup white vinegar

  • 2 Tbsp baking soda

  • 10 drops of your favourite essential oil. We love lavender oil, but you can use anything!

Mix these ingredients into an old spray bottle and voila - an all-natural sustainable cleaning solution.

You can use this mixture on any surface, your floors, oven and even your toilet!

So, what about pest control? Natural pest control can also be achieved using natural products you’ll find in your pantry. You can also you some plant species that deter particular insects. Flies hate basil, so pop a basil plant in your kitchen for a natural fly deterrent.

Buy Second Hand

When furnishing your house take advantage of second-hand goods.

You’ll save money but also stop perfectly good furniture and electronic goods entering landfill.

Visit opportunity shops, flea markets and online platforms like Gumtree and Facebook Buy & Sell Groups for bargains.

In the Garden

Getting into gardening and growing your own food is a great way to be sustainable. However, it’s important to practice environmentally-friendly gardening. Use natural fertilisers, non-plastic gardening tools and non-toxic weed killer products.

If you are renting and you can’t make a lot of changes to the garden opt for pot plants. You can grow chilies in pots as well as a wide variety of herbs.

For weed removal, the best solution is the remove them by hand. However, when they are too small or there are simply too many of them a solution of vinegar and dishwashing liquid work a treat too! For the pesky weeds stuck in your pavers use boiling hot water from your kettle.

Shop with Sustainability in Mind

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