• Cinnamon Luu

The Most Sustainable Fabrics No One Talks About

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

We can’t deny it.

The garment materials determine our outfit as much as the design of it.

While the internet mostly leans towards natural fabrics like linen, hemp, organic cotton,... there are far more sustainable materials than these popular ones that we forget to talk about.

And in case you don’t know, extremely fashion-friendly, affordable fabrics could even be laying around your home right now. These materials listed below will level up your style and make your image come back in no time.

Let’s dive in!

Jeans and Denim

  • WHAT: The most versatile garment is here. From baggy denim pants to classy jeans skirts, there is not a single piece of outfit denim can’t turn into. Not only require less time to wash, but they are also ideal for hard outdoor activities and last longer than even if you sweat a lot. Something linen or hemp may not endure quite as well.

  • WHY: Famous for being originally designed for miners under hard working conditions, denim has since then never gone out of date but continuously grown as the most loved materials in the modern fashion world. Their wide range of shades is also loved by all genders and suitable for any type of style of outfits.

  • HOW: Pair at least one of your denim items with another piece from different materials either from top to toe. This creates a mix and match statement and is definitely fresh for the eye to look at. My favourite styling motto? ‘’When in doubt, wear jeans’’

Although the process of making denim may not always be sustainable (and this you also need to take into consideration) the fact that they are very long-lasting and timeless is. That said, buying them second-hand, or upcycled would be the ultimate option.

Upcycled Garment

  • WHAT: Is this the best sustainable material we ever invented on Earth? From any type of materials you have around the house, from wear-once to no-longer-wear pieces, they can all be turned into something new and exotic, adapting to your new appetite and need in fashion.

  • WHY: It takes absolutely zero crop water (after one wash of course) to produce an upcycled garment. All you have to do is send them away to a receiver/ designer, communicate what you want and let the magic hands of the designer do the rest. A new item or clothing will be specially tailored for you as how you want it.

  • HOW: While there could be a local upcycling garment station in your country, Wanner Label - a sustainable clothing brand founded by Swedish designer Josefin Wanner - receives any items worldwide anytime, as long as you have old clothes and are willing to donate it. She is down for anything you’re up to, and will communicate and assist you in every step of the way to make you a beautiful, fully fit, sustainable clothing item that has zero impact on the environment.

  • What’s best? Donate your clothes and try out an upcycling garment experience with Wanner Label to get a 15% discount on your next order with the brand. Sustainability at its best!


Choosing sustainable materials is a great step towards a conscious fashion buying journey.

However, there’s no need to restrict yourself to buying some of the materials under the ‘sustainable’ labels only. Cater the item to your need, if the fabric cannot serve you in your daily lives, look for an alternative.

Take it to the next level by tailoring it to your preference with help from a designer. The result, and the experience, will guarantee you ultimate satisfaction.

Use it, love it, make it last! That’s the entire sustainability essence you ever need.