• Emma Wanner

Sustainable interior brands

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

So, let's discuss shopping interior. Like in the previous post I discussed what to think about when shopping HERE and to re-think material HERE

When thinking about sustainability, it is not only one way or saying this or that, there is a lot of aspects to it. Therefore, when I'm going to suggest some may be more sustainable than others depending on where you are from. There is not really just one thing that is sustainable interior. Let’s just break down really quickly what sustainability is based on, the pillars. It is; environmental sustainability, economic sustainability, cultural sustainability and social sustainability.

“Economic sustainability refers to practices that support long-term economic growth without negatively impacting the social, environmental, and cultural aspects of the community.

Social sustainability encourages communities to promote social interaction and foster community investment while respecting social diversity.

Cultural sustainability is the idea that current practices are firmly rooted in tradition and appropriately honor our (and others) values, customs, spaces, and ways of life

Environmental sustainability is the management of our physical environment in a way that supports living within ecological limits, protection of natural resources, and meeting the needs of communities without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

A good summary by University of Mary Washinton HERE

Just have that in mind for the different brands. When in doubt, always buy second hand.

Woodmancote Retro

This is a UK brand that "re-thinks" retro. Creating midcentury furniture suitable for many different settings. Sourcing local and sustainable wood but also using reclaimed wood and recycled plastic. As well as having suppliers that promotes the local circular economy.

Find more on their website HERE

Armadillo & Co

This Australian brand makes unique rugs, that are each made by hand from natural and sustainable fibers, using fair trade practices. They are made in India providing jobs for handcraft men and at the same time supporting Care & fair that is an initiative against illegal child labor in the carpet industry in India, Nepal and Pakistan

They have a quite high price tag but what an excellent time to save up for something that will most likely last forever. Also, for everyone that is in the chain of creating this rug, I think it is more than a fair price.

Find more on their website HERE


This Swedish brand makes hand sewn and handmade lamps. They are therefore made and designed in Sweden. Both from new more environmentally friendly fabric but also second hand fabric. She, the founder of the brand, makes them only one piece or just a few, so each lamp has its own uniqueness to it. They ship worldwide.

Find more on their website HERE


Wearth London is this great concept of gathering UK produced, Zero waste and sustainable items on one website. They have all the good stuff; beauty, jewelry but most important (in this case) furniture and home accessories. I really enjoy their website.

Find more on their website HERE


If you might be tired of the more organic and wood look USM is a great company to add some color and the more industrial feel.

The steel is highly recyclable, and its manufacturing processes are carefully built around the goals of energy efficiency and almost total recyclability at every stage.

In 2007, USM became the first European company to be certified by the Greenguard Environmental Institute for the low particle and chemical emissions of its products.

With this, they manage to also reduce indoor air pollution and a healthier environment. They are located all over the world but has its base in the UK.

Find more on their website HERE

The Citizenry

An American brand who thinks about their workers, with products made all over the world. The base it on small batches to limit quantities which makes it more unique as the people that are crafting it but also reduces waste. Focusing on fair wages and investing 10% od the proceeds back into artisan communities with entrepreneurship development.

Find more on their website HERE