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The Professional story of a Sustainable Fashion Consultant

Written by Carley Johnson

As a fashion consultant, advising through both online courses and consulting services, sustainability is a focus topic of Unzipped. Why? because we care about the environment, but also because of the fashion industry and the consumer now has a heightened focus on it following COVID. The hard work completed across the industry in the last 2-3 yrs is paying off, and sustainability in fashion is slowly becoming mainstream news. Consumers are now making more of a conscious effort to shop sustainable brands, as well as being aware of sustainable ‘tags’ / filters online. But it is fashion brand's responsibility to grow this trend and educate the shopper. 

“Last year, 114 billion items of clothing were sold globally.

  • The equivalent of nearly 15 new garments for every person on the planet. 

  • Americans consume more than 20 billion garments per year, or 64 items per person every year.”

“More than 70 percent of clothes still end up in a landfill.”


Getting into the nitty-gritty of what I do and why this is my dream career; my goal and business Unzipped focus is helping fashion brands and fashion entrepreneurs to launch their own fashion brand online and grow it. 

Unzipped most popular service is wholesale connections, where we work to launch brands in new markets via wholesale platforms. The criteria for brands to connect with these global platforms are becoming very restricted. However, the restrictions enforced by the platforms are focused around ensuring brands they sell are sustainable, and that their processes both sourcing and manufacturing reach a certain good level of sustainability. As a consultant, it is my job to share these guidelines with my clients ahead of time and work with brands to make a positive change to their collections for the greater success of their brand and the environment.

Within my role, I will continually aim to deliver up to date information on sustainability supporting existing brands to make a positive change or to support fashion entrepreneurs to realise their dream and launch a sustainable brand online. It is our goal to help others to launch and grow, and our personal mission for it be via a sustainable method. 

As the business is mine to grow, currently I have chosen to work with fashion brands and entrepreneurs in Australia, UK and USA, but at any point, I could add in another country of my choice. This is a huge benefit of the service I deliver through Unzipped, that it is universal and that means that I get to meet and help people around the world. I would encourage anyone to look at the product, service that they offer and question if they can extend its reach further than your home territory. Why? As an individual, you can benefit hugely by listening to others and their ways of thinking, understanding more about how business works in different countries and widening your knowledge about that country and culture. All of this you can gain through your global clients. 

My passion for sustainability also runs into my own business practices. I chose to start Unzipped in 2019 as a digital remote business. Why? I wanted to travel and live balanced in life. Since Oct 2019 I have lived and worked in 6 countries and every day is different! Running a sustainable business is yours to shape, you are not only in control of who you work with but also where and how you operate your business. 

I hope this was an inspiring story, and I hope I have inspired you into launching your own business. It really is possible, and it will open you up to newfound freedom, as long as you back it up with the passion and drive it deserves.


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