Panelled seam Sweater

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45,50£Sale Price
  • Brown, soft, kimono sleeve sweater. This garment is detailed with visible panelled seams for an extra effect and detail. There are two parallell with eachother on the left upper sleeve. One on the lower right sleeve and one going from the right side neckline towards the right sleeve. The neck is a wide semi-turtle neck. This sweater can be made to fit anyone as it has an oversized look and is made as a kimono, with wide sleeves and big neckline. Just remember it is cropped (which we love, but also mean that it might be a bit shorter than it looks on the model depending on torso lenght, size and breast size) 

We are proud to call Wanner Label a truly sustainable brand. Offering garments that have only been made from upcycled, second hand sourced materials. Creating garments this way means that we remove the materials production process completely from our way of making and selling clothes, hence providing a more sustainable outcome.

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