Waterfall fringe Coat

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  • Dusty pink wool coat. This garment has been made from a thick wool blanket, so although you might not be able to go skiing or out in a blizard in it, this jacket will keep you warm as the spring comes creeping around the corner. The sleeves are made in four pieces (excluding the top part which is actually the same piece as the bodice) because let's face it, it is near imposible to make a jacket from a blanket in just two or three pieces so we had to get creative with the scraps. As a result we managed to make a uniqe, trendy one of a kind jacket. When it comes to size, the model is a tall XS, but the jacket is oversized on her and has been tried and fitted on an M as well. Just be aware, it is a long coat (which looks super cool, but on the designer, who is 1,58m it almost touches the floor, which of course, could still be super cool).

We are proud to call Wanner Label a truly sustainable brand. Offering garments that have only been made from upcycled, second hand sourced materials. Creating garments this way means that we remove the materials production process completely from our way of making and selling clothes, hence providing a more sustainable outcome.

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